The U-values speak for themselves:

The following comparisons of U-values (insulation values) clearly reveal that IQ Glass™ is a categorical milestone in the history of glass.

Single glass: 1.05 (imperial) or 6.0 (international)

Double-paned glass: .53 (imperial) or 3.0 (international)

HP glass: .25 (imperial) or 1.4 (international)

IQ Glass™: .14 (imperial) 0.8 (international)

What does this mean in layman's terms?

Very little energy is needed to reach and keep a room at a comfortable temperature. For the first time ever, you can even sit right next to your window – even amidst a blizzard – and feel complete comfort.

CEBTP, a highly-acclaimed scientific control institute in France, conducted a thermal research study comparing a greenhouse heated with the traditional convection system to a greenhouse heated with IQ Glass™. In identical climatological circumstances, CEBTP observed that with the convection-heated greenhouse, the air had to be heated to 77°F for the occupant to experience a sensation of warmth approximating 68°F.

With IQ Glass™, air temperatures of only 64°F provided a sensation of warmth of 73°F.

In effect, IQ Glass™ provided a feeling of 9° more warmth with 9° less energy.

IQ Glass™ Intelligent glass for a world that demands more.

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